“Being in Nature” has been the focus of all of our classes at Athens Photographic Project since Fall of 2021 and we are excited to continue this theme in 2022. Through photography, we are exploring, questioning, and deepening our relationship with the world. We are learning about how contemporary and historic artists have been inspired by and work with nature, including experimental and autobiographical methods.

Last semester, we approached image-making through play, portraits with the land, micro to macro perspectives, meditation with/in the work, land art, and sustainability. Artists had the opportunity to meet with extraordinary people and visit fascinating places in Southeast Ohio including: Local Photographer, Dennis Savage and Lake Hope Naturalist, Kaylin Callander at Lake Hope Lodge; Rural Action’s Environmental Education Director, Joe Brehm and AmeriCorps Members Moss and Hazel at Utah Ridge Pond in the Wayne National Forest; Forest farmer, Herbalist, Beekeeper, and Teacher, Paul Strauss at Equinox Botanicals Herbs; Office Manager, Katey Patterson and Americacorps Member, Julian Narvaez-Wiener and the team at United Plant Savers; and Interdisciplinary Artist and Composer, Brian Harnetty at Tecumseh Lake and in Shawnee, Ohio.

Last week we started our 90 day photo challenge – to shoot at least one image a day for the next 90 days. This week we will be visiting Hocking College’s Nature Center and hearing from their team of Forestry Faculty and Naturalists.

We look forward to this semester’s creative adventures – connecting with and learning from our incredible planet!