Do you like what you see happening at the Athens Photographic Project? Are you interested in starting a photography-based support group in your own community? Participate in our new training workshop, The Photographic Journey!

Beginning in 2021-2022, we will offer The Photographic Journey: A Photography and Mental Health Training Workshop. This 20-hour workshop will provide training to individuals and organizations in how to lead photography groups that support self-expression, personal growth, and social change within mental health recovery.

This training workshop will be built around the artwork, experiences, and community development present within our 20-week Introduction to Expressive Photography class. The workshop is designed for individuals and teams who seek to end isolation, shame, and stigma associated with mental health challenges by integrating photography-based groups within their organizations and communities.

The training is ideal for peer-support centers, behavioral health providers, and art centers in Appalachian Ohio and beyond. Workshop trainees can include individuals interested in leading photography-based mental health support groups; those seeking to serve in a support role within groups; and community partners who will serve as allies and advocates for groups.

This will be the first time in our 20-year history that we have made our innovate approach to mental health support accessible as a public training. Our Executive Director, Nate Thomson, and a team of six senior APP Artists will lead the workshops on an ongoing basis. Workshops can be offered in Athens, Ohio or brought to your community.

Contact us to discuss scheduling a training workshop!