More than 20 APP Artists serve as members of our Photo Co-Op. Begun in Fall 2019, The Photo Co-Op members share their skills and creativity with the community as working photographers by providing photographic services and creating products and exhibits from the work made within the APP classroom.

Our staff provides photography-based job training and placement opportunities for Co-Op members based on their individual and collective interests. Co-Op members earn a competitive wage for their work and share in a quarterly dividends bonus. Members meet weekly to discuss project ideas and work on marketing strategies. The Co-Op is led by an Artist Governing Council with support from our Director of Operations and staff of photography instructors.

Recent Photo Co-Op projects have included visually documenting the impact that 12 regional non-profits are having during the pandemic; creating an permanent, interior installation of more than 20 photographs at the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations office in Dublin, Ohio; and creating photographs and an exhibit showing the lives and land of the Athens Farmer’s Market farmers.

Contact us to receive detailed information about our photographic services, products, and exhibitions.