Srijita Chattopadhyay

Interim Social Enterprise Photography & Community Coordinator


A native of India, Srijita (best known as Sri) grew up in the painted deserts of the United Arab Emirates. Being a non-resident Indian exposed her to love and appreciate several cultures, concurrently paving her path to visual storytelling. She has worked with several national newspapers like Hartford Courant and Naples Daily News and has received various honors for the work she has produced.

In 2021 Sri graduated with her Master in Visual Communications from Ohio University. Since then, she has been pursuing her path in the nonprofit sector to continue serving diverse communities and sharing her passion and love for visual storytelling.

Presently in her position at APP, she facilitates the photography co-op, fulfilling photo requests, collaborating with artists to help them develop and execute effective visual content for various local and regional clients. Additionally, Sri helps develop, design, and direct communication and marketing material and strategies for target audiences, external stakeholders, and funders.