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Are you interested in starting a program like the Athens Photographic Project in your community? We can help!

Beginning in 2021-2022 we will be offering ongoing 30-hour training workshops supporting teams introducing photography-based support groups in their community.

We have over 20 years experience developing sustainable partnerships that improve the quality of life and social inclusion for community members living with mental health challenges. Our program model grew up as a grassroots solution to real life gaps in mental health services. Our artists, staff and partners all testify to the power of arts partnerships to overcome individual and social challenges.

We know our program can work in other communities, and our senior artists and staff are dedicated to helping expanding our innovative approach in other communities.

If you are a peer-center, behavioral health provider, art center, or other stakeholder who would like to start photography-based support group, please contact our Executive Director to discuss your interest, and help determine if a partnership with the Athens Photographic Project can help make your vision a reality.

To learn more about training workshops and program development support, contact:

To learn more about our Program Development project, please contact:

Nate Thomson
Executive Director