The APP Photo Co-op is poised to provide a range of photographic services to local and regional clients. Each of these services would employ 1-2 APP Artists with the support of an APP Photo Coach. These services include:

Visual Storytelling

Story reaches the human heart, grows empathy and affects change. It connects an audience to a mission or a brand. It personalizes and humanizes the work of businesses and organizations. We partner with socially conscious businesses and nonprofits to define, enhance and expand visual narratives. We offer both full (4 hours) and half day (2 hours) sessions and deliver a collection of images that can be used for social media, promotion, fundraising etc.

In Studio Headshots

We offer headshot sessions for individuals and groups, both on location and at our studio in Athens. Lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour, these sessions involve you, one APP Artist and the Photographer-in-Residence. Our goal is to represent you and your business / organization authentically and professionally. We provide images ready to print, upload or share within one week of the session via Dropbox.

Product Photography

We offer e-commerce product photography – product only and lifestyle/contextual – for socially conscious businesses. This option is available at our Athens studio or on location. We offer white or black backgrounds for product only