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Our arts-based program model provides people with a set of tools for learning to express themselves as part of their recovery from mental illness. Our model uses the arts to encourage re-discovery of personal identity; to foster self-confidence, pride and purpose; and above all, to regain hope. All this is done in the safe, but challenging learning environment of art.

Artists who participate in our programs are invited to submit their works to gallery and public art venues at local, state, and national levels. We believe that by sharing their individual lives and imagination through photography, our Artists are able to serve as mental health advocates and eliminate social stigma through knowledge and understanding.

Here’s how WE do it!

The Artist is the center of the Athens Photo Project

Our approach moves away from long-term dependency on clinical care, and toward social inclusion and civic engagement.

  • Arts education builds skills and self expression.
  • Mentoring provides support.
  • Peers create social connectedness.
  • Art exhibits foster community integration.

We partner with and train community artists to serve as members of a behavioral health system of care. We leverage the assets of the arts to help individuals find pride and purpose. They contribute to the community as artists. All of this leads to a meaningful and engaged life in the community.